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EOSC Integration Suite

Target Group: Content and Service Providers

The EOSC Integration Suite provides a set of tools designed to share and reuse software libraries (adapters) among research communities and technology providers, addressing common patterns in scientific applications. These adapters complement the Interoperability Guidelines (IG) of the EOSC IF, implementing the interfaces and the best practices they define.

EOSC Integration Suite

Levente Farkas (Cloud Solutions Architect at the EGI Foundation) introduces the EOSC Integration Suite.

Key Features

  • Adapter Sharing and Reuse: Facilitates the sharing and reuse of software libraries to solve common interoperability challenges in scientific applications.
  • Enhanced EOSC IF Registry: Extends the registry to allow developers to onboard adapters by completing a metadata profile (e.g., name, description, date, standards, programming languages). This registry links resources to their respective guidelines and configurations, ensuring clear and accessible documentation for users.

User Access and Benefits

  • Developer Tools: End-users (developers) can use the EOSC Marketplace and the EOSC Catalogue to find adapters for interoperation with services of interest, following a clear service-guidelines-adapter path.
  • Open and Extensible Environment: Supports an open environment where research communities can publish their adapters, benefiting other communities and advancing scientific collaboration.
  • Population and Scouting: EOSC Beyond will populate the Suite with adapters for both EOSC Core and Exchange services, and will actively scout for reusable libraries from research communities and technology providers to be registered in the suite.
  • Marketplace Integration: The EOSC Marketplace will be extended to incorporate the Suite’s capabilities, promoting library sharing and maximising their exploitation by end-users.

The EOSC Integration Suite is designed to improve service interoperability within the EOSC ecosystem, fostering a collaborative and efficient environment for scientific research and technological innovation.



December 2024

EOSC Integration Suite and Execution Framework design


June 2025

First set of adapters available


March 2026

First set of horizontal and community adapters available


January 2027

Final set of adapters available