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EOSC Execution Framework

Target Groups: EOSC End Users, Content and Service Providers

The EOSC Execution Framework will provide an extendable suite of composability-based applications designed to enhance the deployment and accessibility of services within the EOSC ecosystem.

EOSC Execution Framework

Paolo Manghi (Chief Technology Officer at OpenAIRE) introduces the EOSC Execution Framework.

The EOSC Execution Framework consists of two main components:

  1. Enriched EOSC IF Registry:
    • The EOSC IF (Interoperability Framework) Registry, part of the EOSC Platform, provides essential tools for describing and managing the interoperability capabilities of various resources. This registry facilitates the annotation of EOSC resources across different research and e-infrastructure domains, enhancing the discovery and usability of these resources based on their interoperability features.
    • Interoperability Guidelines: Associates resources with the EOSC IF Guidelines they comply with and specific configurations (access parameters) for users. These guidelines typically combine technical elements such as protocols, APIs, and formats, providing detailed instructions on their use and assembly.
  2. Deployment Service:
    • On-Demand Deployment: Facilitates the deployment of services on hybrid Cloud infrastructures, offering flexibility and scalability.
    • Integration with Resource Catalogue: Works seamlessly with the Resource Catalogue to provide users with comprehensive descriptions of service access and deployment procedures.

Together, the EOSC IF Registry and Deployment Service form a cohesive framework that supports the dynamic and efficient provisioning of services, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the EOSC platform.

EOSC Beyond will work towards identifying a machine-readable vocabulary of license elements for EOSC. This will cover aspects of managed access, confidentiality, and data protection, integrating them into the EOSC IF Registry to further streamline resource management and compliance.



December 2024

EOSC Integration Suite and Execution Framework design


June 2025

Enhanced EOSC Resource Profiles & Models


August 2025

Initial release of EOSC IF Registry and EOSC Deployment Service


September 2026

Second release of the enhanced EOSC Resource Profiles & Models is available


March 2027

Final release of EOSC IF Registry and EOSC Deployment Service