EOSC Beyond pilots

EOSC Beyond will actively pilot regional and thematic EOSC Nodes and Data Spaces, connecting national, regional, and thematic infrastructures to the EOSC EU Node. These pilot Nodes are crucial in integrating, testing, and validating the solutions developed within EOSC Beyond.

Hear from Roksana Wilk, Head of Data Processing Laboratory at CYFRONET, about how EOSC Beyond will help pilot the new EOSC Node concept.

EOSC Pilot Nodes

  • NFDI (National Node): Connecting German research data infrastructure to EOSC, integrating domain-specific services.
  • e-Infra CZ (National Node): Creating a national data infrastructure for Czech research data, integrating services with EOSC.
  • NI4OS (Regional Node): Gathering resources from South-Eastern Europe, maintaining integration with EOSC.
  • LifeWatch (Environmental): Integrating metadata catalogue into EOSC, improving compatibility with EOSC Core.
  • METROFood-RI (Health and Food): Implementing FoodCASE as a pilot data space, integrating METROFood-RI AAI with EOSC.
  • Instruct-ERIC (Structural Biology): Providing automatic synchronization between ARIA and EOSC.

EOSC Data Spaces

  • CNB-CSIC (Structural Biology): Extending Cryo-EM Validation Report Service, ensuring FAIRness for research outputs.
  • ENES (Climate Change): Further integrating EOSC Core services, exposing ENES Data Space applications through EOSC Core Execution Framework.
  • CESSDA (Social Science): Integrating domain-specific services for Social Sciences into EOSC, supporting FAIR SSH metadata generation.