Updated 03/04/2024

Horizon Europe project EOSC Beyond begins

EOSC Beyond

The ambition of EOSC Beyond is to support the growth of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in terms of integrated providers and active users by providing new EOSC core technical solutions that allow developers of scientific application environments to easily compose a diverse portfolio of EOSC Resources offering them as integrated capabilities to researchers.

Launched on 1 April 2024, EOSC Beyond introduces a novel concept of EOSC, establishing a federated network of pilot Nodes operating at various levels (national, regional, international, and thematic) to cater to specific scientific missions. Key objectives include accelerating the development of scientific applications, enabling Open Science through dynamic resource deployment, fostering innovation with testing environments, and aligning EOSC architecture with European data spaces.

The project advances EOSC Core through co-design methodologies, collaborating with diverse use cases from national and regional initiatives (e-Infra CZ, NFDI, NI4OS), and thematic research infrastructures (CESSDA, CNB-CSIC, Instruct-ERIC, ENES, LifeWatch, METROFood-RI).

"EOSC-Beyond presents an exciting opportunity for EGI. Throughout this project, we'll be able to introduce many of our advanced solutions into EOSC, contributing to the establishment of a fair data and services ecosystem. By collaborating with key EOSC technology providers and engaging with various research communities, we aim to create an EOSC that meets researchers' needs, ultimately fostering scientific progress and interdisciplinary research in Europe. This positions us as an important contributor and reinforces our reputation as a dependable partner for future EOSC projects." Diego Scardaci, EGI Foundation, EOSC Beyond Technical Coordinator

The project officially kicks off on 16-18 April 2024 at the EGI Foundation headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.